Sunday, May 4, 2014

Playing with Pancakes

I've always been a firm believer in having a blast with every holiday or special occasion that comes along :-) A really fun and easy way to make any day special is to make our breakfast pancakes a little extra special :-D

For Easter, we like to make Easter egg pancakes:

These daisy pancakes are fun for the first day of spring. I made these for Mother's Day one year:

(these are really cute with yellow centers but I was out of yellow food coloring so we stuck with white)

For Christmas, we usually do Christmas tree shapes. For Valentine's, pink hearts (of course) :-) I'll sometimes do the kids' initials just for fun. 

For their birthdays, I let them choose what they'd like. One year, my son wanted one that looked like his face LOL 

My daughter chose peace signs and blueberry tie-died pancakes one year:

And butterflies another:

For St. Patrick's Day we usually do gold coin pancakes with green shamrocks. We tried leprechaun hats one year:

But....well, we are sticking with the shamrocks from now on ;-)

And of course, we can't forget May the 4th, that most wonderful of all nerd holidays :D I made these this morning :-D A bit terrifying maybe lol But mostly identifiable and fun nonetheless :D

(Darth Vader and the Death Star)

(the beautiful Princess Leia :-D )

(Another Vader and a slightly better Death Star)

So if you have a fun day you want to make a little extra special, try playing with your pancakes :-) 

Oh, and

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