Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Minecraft Play Set

My son is an absolute Minecraft nut. We have to monitor his time on the computer. In fact, I once told him to get off the laptop he was playing on and when I went back to check on him, he was on the desktop computer watching youtube videos of other people playing Minecraft O_o

We'd also discussed making his new block letters for his name Minecraft themed. Which was harder than I anticipated. So when I came across these at Target the other day, I got a little excited. I figured I could take a few and glue them to his letters and he could play with the rest. Not bad for $10.

Turns out they are probably too big to glue to his letters, but they were actually a lot of fun to put together, and he has been having a blast playing with them :) 

If you have any Minecraft kiddos out there, these are a pretty good buy. They are made from paper, but it's very thick and sturdy, and so far my son has been able to play with them (as roughly as boys tend to do) without destroying anything :)

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