Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Father's Day is Coming Soon!

My hubs is like the typical man, I suppose. When it comes to any occasion when he might receive a gift, he likes the usual "manly" things: a new grill, a new fishing rod, tools, that sort of thing. He's also a really great cook, so he often gets cookware and fun kitchen gadgets :)

But homemade gifts are also a hit (especially when the bank account won't quite support that new deluxe grill he keeps fawning over at Sam's Club) ;-)

These are a couple things we've made him in the past:

A collage of the kids fishing with their dad. The kids decorated the mat with special messages and stickers of their daddy's favorite things

I took a photo of our dog that my husband took one afternoon while they were out pheasant hunting. Walmart's photo shop is a fantastic place to play with pictures (they did the collage above as well). I sent it to them, blew it up, had it sent right to the house, and I framed it.

We've also made him video montages, coupon books for hugs and help with chores, and guilt-free time to go sit on a river somewhere :-)

Father's Day gifts don't have to be expensive to be a big hit. They just need to be thoughtful and filled with love :-)

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