Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Hero Projects

It's that time of year again....Hero Projects. I like these projects - I like that my kids get to learn about someone that has done something remarkable. It's always inspiring and my son had a lot of fun doing his last year.

But at this age (my daughter is 8) there is only so much they can do themselves when it comes to creating these fabulous projects that they are expected to turn in. Which means Mommy spends a lot of time helping. And for this mommy at least, it's hard to curb my OCD tendencies and let them glue things on crooked and color out of the lines lol

I do, however, want my kids to do as much on their own projects as possible. So, other than manning the hot glue gun and box cutter, my Little Miss was in charge of her project.

With gymnastics being, in my daughter's words, "her life", I wasn't surprised that she chose a gymnast as her hero. She spent weeks researching Nadia Comaneci, coming home excited each day about new facts that she had learned. We discussed what she'd like to showcase for her project and she decided she wanted to make a gym and show Nadia doing all the events.

All righty then :)

We found pictures, typed up all the facts, printed out letters, and Little Miss spent days cutting everything out and gluing them onto cardboard for me to cut out with the box cutter. She said she wanted to display Nadia's name on triangle flags across the top, she wanted her facts on gold and silver medals, and she was very particular about where each and every piece was placed on the display :)

She wanted to show Nadia flying off the bars like in the picture she found.
I just hope the glue holds up lol
It was a very long 4 day weekend and I am still finding scraps of paper and strings of dried hot glue stuck to furniture (and a few body parts) but it was well worth it. My daughter has a beautiful project she worked hard on, and she has a head full of amazing facts about her wonderful hero.

How do you feel about school projects? Do you love them or hate them? Or both? :D


  1. Love the project! I don't mind school projects...but this year we did a few too many!! :)

  2. Yeah I have fun with them as long as we don't have them piled on top of each other lol This year was easy with just one kid having a project. Not looking forward to when they both have stuff going on :D