Thursday, May 29, 2014

Chug the Jug

Chug the Jug is my family's new motto :-) We all need to be drinking more water, but this is especially true for my kids, who are active in sports and who will be spending their impending summer vacation playing their little hearts out under the hot sun.

The importance of keeping them hydrated is something that cannot be stressed enough. A little boy on my son's soccer team became overheated during last night's game. It's scary how quickly this can happen. And it's terrifying how serious this can be. The hotter it is, the harder they play, the more important it is to make sure their little bodies are getting all the fluids they need.

While drinking water is extremely important, it's not the only thing they can do to keep hydrated. It's the best way, yes. My family has decided we are all going to start carrying around gallon jugs of water that we can continually sip through out the day. That way we'll always have water on hand and we won't have to worry about refilling a smaller bottle.

But there are other ways to help with hydration as well. Add a few flavor drops to make it a little more palatable for the kiddies. Drinking sports drinks and fruit smoothies is also good. Even eating foods high in water content like fruits and vegetables can help. 

So while you are out playing this summer, make sure to keep everyone good and hydrated!

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