About Me

I'm a bit of an eclectic mess really.....I'm a mom, a wife, an amateur baker, a writer, and an avid reader. Those last two tend to take up whatever spare moments of the day I have which means the whole domestic situation (you know, the cooking, cleaning, laundry thing) tends to....well let's say "suffer" just a tad ;-)

I'm working on it. Promise.

With a daughter in competitive gymnastics, a son in soccer, a husband who sometimes travels for work, and a career that seems to take more hours in a day than I have, I'm huge on time savers, whether they be for making my kids something other than cereal for dinner or actually cleaning something in this crazy house. I've been collecting little gems for years - and I'd love to share them with you :-)

I also love to bake. I can't cook (well, other than spaghetti and the occasional easy-to-follow recipe), but I can bake. I don't get to do it very often. My husband doesn't have much of a sweet tooth and hates cake (I'm not sure he's really human...) so I generally only make cakes for my kids' birthdays. In the last few years though I've started experimenting with different techniques and harder designs and it's been a blast.

The other basics....I'm the oldest of five kids, grew up in California and have lived in Hawaii, Tennessee, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, and am now in Pennsylvania.  I have a BS in History and a MA in English and other than being a stay-at-home-mom I am also a romance and educational non-fiction author. I'm married to a man who is the complete opposite of me in just about every way, but we've managed to make it work for over a decade now :-) I have two incredible kids, two step-kids who are on their own already, and am a step-grandma to one beyond adorable little boy.We also have an insanely hyper dog who is 13 but thinks she's still a puppy, and 3 cats...because my husband can't help bringing home strays and I can't help but let them in :-)

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