Monday, February 24, 2014

Motherly Traditions

We have a lot of fun traditions in my family, but one of the most special to me is one my mom started, that I hope to be able to carry on one of these days.

My mom had this beautiful statue that I just loved when I was little. It depicts a mother rocking her new baby, and standing behind her is her older daughter, who is rocking her baby doll.

It plays Turn Around (Where are You Going?). A song I loved so much from listening to it my whole childhood that I sang it to both my children when they were young.

My sister also loved it and we used to jokingly argue over who'd get to keep it "one day". My mom promised us that she'd get us one of our very own when we became mothers.

Fast forward 17ish years, and my mom is in the hospital with me, watching as I cuddled my brand new baby boy. She pulled out a box, excited to surprise me with a gift. And the first words out of my mouth the second I saw the box were, "Is that my music box!?"

 (me and my Little Man - about an hour after a C-section lol)      

LOL She thought it would be a huge surprise and was stunned I'd remembered. :) But it was one of the first things I'd thought of when I'd found out I was pregnant. I'd wondered if she'd remember her promise :) My sister also got one. My mom bought them when we were still little girls and saved them all those years.

(the song it plays - Turn Around)

I'll be getting one for my daughter, to put away for that "someday". I hope I can find the same one...if not I'll get as close to it as I can. It's one of the sweetest traditions I could pass on.

(me and my tiny Little Miss)

Do you have any special traditions you'll be passing along to your children?

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  1. Yes! I love the traditions of the holidays...we celebrate Christmas the same as I did growing up...from the reading of T'Was the Night Before Christmas Christmas Eve to the order of our Christmas Day. LOVE the music box story!