Tuesday, February 18, 2014

How to Make a Flag Cake

Fourth of July Flag Cake:

Make your favorite white cake recipe and grab some food coloring. You'll need 4 cakes total (you can use any shape...I did rounds) - 1 white cake, 2 red cakes, and 1 blue cake.

Cut the white cake and 1 red cake in half. Take one half of the white cake and layer it between the two red halves (with frosting).
Like this:

I use this handy little tool to get the layers even (though I was in a rush when I did this cake so it's not as neat as usual) :)

Then - take the blue cake and the remaining red cake and cut a hole in the middle of both (you might want to cut the red cake in half first, just so it's the same thickness as the other red layers). I placed a saucer on them to cut around so they would be the same size.

Take the blue cake ring and layer it on top of the white and red layers. The blue circle leftover can be discarded or given to the kids to hold them over until the rest of the cake is done ;-)

Then take the other half of the white cake and cut a circle out of it. Frost the top of it.
Put it inside the blue ring.

Then take the circle from the red cake and place it on top of the white circle inside the middle of the blue ring.
Like this (the white circle is beneath the red):

Then smother this baby with frosting and decorate however you'd like. We just wanted to eat it so we didn't get fancy ;-D

Cut it open and you've got......

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