Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Star Wars Birthday Party

For my son's 8th birthday, he wanted a Star Wars party. And we had a blast with it :D

I downloaded a bunch of Star Wars music and had it playing while the kids arrived and had one of the movies going for the kiddos to watch until everyone got there.

Upon Arrival

When each child entered, he/she got a padawan training badge. I can't find a close up picture but you can kind of see it here. I printed it out on paper with a cloud background.

Each child got to choose a sticker of a Star Wars character for their ID photo and we entered their Star Wars name (their real name spelled backwards - my son Connor became Ronnoc). Their species (human) and planet of origin (Earth) were also listed. These were quickly covered with clear contact paper to laminate them, and strung on a string to hang around their neck.

Below their picture and info were their training tasks (the party games) - when each task was completed, they received a star sticker to place next to the task. And on the back were fun Star Wars trivia questions with multiple choice answers.

I'd also planned on making padawan robes out of cheap brown sheets (just cutting a large square with a neck hole, secured around the waist with twine) for each child, but ran out of time. The kids loved their badges though.

Task 1 - Learn how to build a light saber

I bought several foam pool noodles, cut them into light saber size sections, and bought several rolls of different colored duck tape for the kids to decorate with.

Task 2 - Light saber training

This mostly consisted of roping off an area with streamers and letting the kids go at it (with Daddy as referee calling the winner, who would fight the next padawan). I think this was the most popular game of the day :)

Task 3 - Locate the enemy fleet

I found a fun "Pin the Laser Blast on the Spaceship" game at Party City for about $5. I'd been looking for a poster with all the Star Wars figures to play Pin the Light Saber on the Jedi, but couldn't find one, so finding this game was perfect.

The lanterns above the poster are regular tea party lights that I painted gray to look like mini Death Stars. My son still has these hanging over his bed two years later lol They make perfect night lights!

Task 4 - Destroy the Death Star

For the Death Star pinata, I bought a soccer ball pinata and painted the white areas gray. I've seen some more elaborate versions of these, but this really worked great. We wrapped a bat with duck tape to look like a light saber :)
(my stepson wearing the defeated Death Star on his head) :-D

The Food

Along with pizza, we had:

Padme Pineapples, Greedo Grapes, Organa Oranges, and Skywalker Strawberries

Wookie Cookies

I really lucked out with the Pringles - these were on sale at WalMart (I think a Star Wars anniversary had just happened so Pringles had all these Star Wars character themed chips). We also served Yoda Soda and Vader Juice :)

There was also Jedi Jello squares (black cherry for the awesome color), and light sabers (a bowl of Twizzlers and pretzel sticks dipped in chocolate). You can also sort of see the padawan badge here around Little Man's neck...I printed them out on cloud paper.

The Cake

My son wanted a cake depicting the Battle on Mustafar between Obi Wan and Anakin. So I found some figurines for the top, made a black bottom layer covered in black sugar, a top layer with brown fondant breaking apart with oozing red lava, and the red light sabers along the bottom layer are made with Twizzlers and Tootsie Rolls. I also made a couple T-fighters out of cookies, a large marshmallow and pretzels with details piped on in icing, but they ended up being too heavy to suspend from the cake :) We found the cool Star Wars candle at Party City also.

This was a really fun, and fairly inexpensive, party. For party favors, Party City had a ton of fun stuff. Each child got a little bag with Star Wars tattoos, pencils, pencil sharpeners, notepads, and pinata candy. 

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