Monday, March 17, 2014

St. Patrick's Day Dinner!

Usually for St. Patrick's Day my husband makes corned beef and cabbage, carrying on a tradition my mom always did for my family while we were growing up. But, today he won't be home for dinner so I'm left to my own devices *dun dun dunnnn* My hubs is definitely the gourmet cook in the family. I'm usually in charge of all things baking related :)

But for today, since I didn't want to attempt the corned beef thing on my own for the first time, I thought I'd do something fun for the kids. So this is what's on our menu for tonight :)

Mini meatloaves - found on

My son has been asking for meatloaf for weeks and I'm hoping the fact that these cute little things look like muffins will entice my uber-picky daughter to try it out :)

Sweet Irish Soda Bread - found on

I love this stuff. LOVE LOVE LOVE it :D Though I usually make it without raisins because no one in my house will eat them lol

And for dessert.....

St. Patrick's Day cupcakes - found on

These look sooo yummy, and the kids will love them! :)

Do you have any St. Patrick's Day traditions or yummy treats in store for today?

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