Monday, March 24, 2014

Collage It!

I absolutely love art and pictures and one of my favorite things to do is create collages, both for my own home and as gifts. has a photo section where you can create all sorts of collages, at any size. One of my favorite pieces of collage art in my house is a huge, poster-size picture of my kids. I picked several of my favorite pictures of them, arranged them in a collage, and blew them up. I think the total was about $18 - and that included having it shipped right to my house :)

I've also done this type of thing for gifts. My parents have received these collages for holidays and a couple years ago, we did one for my husband for Father's Day. I found a bunch of pics of him and the kids fishing and let the kids decorate the mat with their own messages for him and fishing stickers.

Another fun way to use photos and pictures is to trim them down and glue them to a mat, using them to create a border for a larger picture.

These are a really fun and inexpensive way to display a ton of pictures all at once, without using every available inch of wall space :)

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