Monday, March 3, 2014

Dryer Sheets - Not Just for Laundry :)

I started using dryer sheets for more than just laundry when I found myself staring at a washer and dryer covered in dust and dribbled laundry soap one day. The only thing handy to wipe them off with was my box of dryer sheets. So I grabbed one. And have been wiping things up with them ever since :) Any brand works but I prefer Bounce with Febreze just for the fabulous smell :D

Why I love to clean with them:

  • Dust clings to them
  • They easily take off that sticky, dried-on spilled soap and the gunk that builds up under the washer lid
  • If you ever dry a crayon in your dryer, rub it with a dryer sheet - comes right off!
  • Use them to dust your baseboards - not only to they work great but your whole house will smell fabulous :)
  • I also stick them in my pockets if I'm going into a nerve-wracking situation where my hands might get a little sweaty ;) They help :D
  • And I've heard they keep mosquitoes away if you keep them in your pocket. Haven't tried that yet...
  • Because dryer sheets leave a little bit of residue (make sure you wash your lint trap screen every so often...if it's been awhile you can pour water on it and it won't go through the mesh!) it helps keep new dust from sticking to whatever you've just dusted. Which is just the icing on the cake :D

I'll grab one and wipe things down by hand or stick them onto my Swifter and get the harder to reach spots. I don't use them on glass or electronics because of the residue it leaves, but pretty much anything else that I'd use a spray cleaner/dusting solution on is game :) The house looks and smells amazing when you are done!

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